M-Paying Business card Rules NGN
Plastic Card issuance Per Card 2000.00
Virtual card issuance Per Card 500.50
Plastic card Normal Delivery per Card 0
Plastic card Express Delivery Per Card 1500
Card Load Per Card 2
Cardholder Fees
Purchase Transaction Per transaction 0
ATM Transaction Domestic Per Transaction N65
ATM Transaction International per Transaction $3.50
Monthly Maintenance Fee Per Monthly 1.00
Foreign Transaction Fee Per transaction 3.00%
ATM PIN change Fee Per Transaction 0.25
Card Replacement Per Occurrence $9.00
Express Shipping Per Occurrence $75.00
Loading Rules
Card loading Per Card 100
Max any single load Per Day N500,000
Max daily load Per Day N500,000
Max any lifetime load Lifetime N5,000,000
Number of loading Per Card 2
ATM Rules
Number of ATM transaction Per Card 5
Value of ATM withdrawal Per Transaction N20,000
Value of ATM withdrawal Per Day N200,000
Maximum ATM withdrawal Lifetime N5,000,000

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After successful payment, you will be asked to verify your mobile phone number and upload Photo ID and Utility Bill). Once your Verification is approved, we will mail your card delivery to registered address or any nearest M-Paying service center/agent. Please note that we may require other documents in order to prove your identity pursuant to requirements under the applicable anti-money laundering law.

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