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Step to Receive payment

Tap into global markets in over 200 countries, simply by using M-Paying APIs to accept major payment methods in multiple currencies. Enjoy instant PCI compliance and secure credit card storage. And leverage Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and License Change Notification (LCN) APIs to scale business operations at a lower cost and risk.

Weather you are freelance consultant, business owner, vacation rental, ecommerce and photography marketplace, our service empowers you to grow your business and work with international clients and companies, without having to worry about how to get paid. You’ll get access to several receiving accounts in the US, EU, UK, and Japan, which enable you to receive local bank transfers from companies in these countries directly to your M-Paying account. Withdraw your funds at any time to your personal bank account.

How to receive payment from Merchant & companies

  • login to your mpaying account to send request payment to the merchant or companies
  • We’ll send an email to your client with the details of the payment.
  • After clicking Pay Now, your client will be redirected to the M-Paying platform where they can pay the bill. There are several payment options, including credit/ debit card, eCheck and local bank transfer
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email as soon as the payment has been credited to your M-Paying account.

How to withdraw cash via M-Paying card

  • Login to your M-Paying account and click tranfers to ATMCARD
  • The stated amount will be transfer to your M-Paying card
  • Visit Any ATMs of all banks with interswitch logo
  • Insert your card into the machine
  • Enter your pin number
  • Select balance inquiry to check the amount in your card
  • Select yes for another transaction
  • Select withdraw
  • Select the amount display on the screen or click other to put your own amount that you want to withdraw
  • Select ok to process the transaction
  • The machine will dispense the money
  • Select cancel after taking the cash
  • Ensure you take your card from the machine

To get the M-Paying card call 08029340082

How to withdraw cash via Bank

  • The stated amount will be transfer to your bank account
  • Make normal withdraw process