Use Mpaying to send your Referral ID
Simply check the referral check box every time you send a payment – when the payment recipient signs up to claim the payment, you will automatically be marked as his referrer!

Use email
Invite your friends
The fastest and easiest way to spread the word about M-Paying is email. You can refer friends to M-Paying by sending them your referral link - you know best how to tell them about this referral program. Friends who know many people will be your greatest asset.

The Web
NewsGroups, message boards and chats
There are thousands of newsgroups and message boards where you can post. You can ask people what they think about M-Paying and if they are interested in taking part in the referral scheme but let them make the first move and show their interest.

Use a Web Site
Are you webmaster or do you personally know any webmaster? Explain how he could insert a banner on his website and generate greater profit with his ID in the link. This way both of you would gain from the high traffic of the friend's website. Or write an article for a webzine and include your url.


Step One:
click the banner.

Step Two: just highlight, copy and paste the following HTML following code into your site.

Don't forget the offline world!
Family and Friends
Are you enthusiastic about M-Paying? Mention the referral program to family, friends and people who surf on a regular basis.

Put your URL everywhere
Put your url on your business card or make flyers with your URL to give them away every time you need. Are there any local Internet cafes? Find out if you can refer the owner. He could potentially get many indirect referrals on your behalf.