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M-Paying is a version of karems online company operated to provide electronics payment solution and private online service need.
There are 2 types of M-Paying service

Mobile Payment: This is a system where you make payment exclusively with your hand set. This service enables people to save money to be able to make payments at their own convenience time and anywhere. For example if you eat a meal at Mr. Biggs’, all you simply do is to pull out your hand set and make payment and Mr. Biggs will receive payment instantly. Yes! If it is in the market, the market woman gets paid immediately, through her hand set. It’s amazing. With the mobile payment, you can pay for your hotel room, send money to family and friend, buy airtime for self or others and pay utilities bill i;e electricity, hity, dstc etc. For all your purchases and transactions

Online payment: This is a system where the customer makes payment using computer system with internet facility to transfer money or make purchase of goods and transaction of services. The subscriber of this product make use of email address to make all it transaction online. It is secure and protected through password and pin code. In most cases, online business failed because of payment collection. Until the money exchange hands, the business isn’t done. How do you collect the money of goods and services operated online, this had make it difficult to online merchant that have people who wish to buy but cannot deal because they don’t know how to collect money. Question, why did a merchant go through the whole process of creating a business and marketing it to attract customers

What are the benefits of using M-Paying?

  • Secure: with M-Paying, you will no longer need to expose your credit/debit card information every time you shop online. M-Paying can process the payments for you securely.
  • Convenient: with M-Paying, all you need to send a payment is the recipient's email address. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with complicated bank wire forms and the inconvenience of sending and depositing cheques!
  • Fast: with M-Paying, you can send and receive payments in Internet time - real-time.
  • Borderless: as a truly international payment product, M-Paying is the best and cheapest way to send money cross-border.


  • Move money from bank account to M-Paying
  • Fund Transfer /Send Money to anyone with GSM mobile device
  • Withdraw from agents
  • Withdraw from ATMs
  • Send customize SMS to all networks
  • Fund Paypal and liberty reserve
  • Buy Airtime for self or others (All networks)
  • Make & receive online payment for goods & services
  • Make & receive mobile payment for goods & services
  • Pay affiliate, members, clients and employees
  • Buy bulk GSM recharge vouchers
  • Pay utility bills e.g. Nepa, DSTV, HITV etc
  • Buy WAEC,NECO,JAMB scratch/access card
I received a payment through M-Paying - now what?
Step 1:
Register with the email address the payment was sent to. The payment you received will be automatically reflected in your account balance as soon as the account has been opened.
Step 2: You can either withdraw the money to your bank account, ATMcard, Paypal, Liberty reserve or keep it in your M-Paying account to send payments. You will see: there are a lot of things you can do with the money in your M-Paying balance.

Can I Receive money from abroad?

Of course you can do so - and be sure that you can't receive money more cost efficient cross-border than with M-Paying. Check fees for sending money to Nigeria

What does it cost?
Registration: FREE
Fund account from Bank: FREE
Fund account From Credit Card: 1.9%
Send Money: 2%
Make Payment: 2%
Request Money: FREE

Withdraw Money To Bank: N100 flat fee
Withdraw Money To paypal: 5%
For information on fees regarding other payment methods, please check our Price List

I have registered and want to send money - now what?
Step 1:
Firstly,You must fund your account. The most common way to fund your account are via bank deposit,agent or ATM Location:
Go to: 'Main account' > Click Fund Account > You will need to provide bank details for your payment i:e Date, teller number, Bank Name, and amount deposited
Step 2: As soon as the funds are credited to your M-Paying account, you can go ahead and send payments to anyone with an email address or GSM Phone by following the instructions given under the 'Send money' tab.
How do I send money?

I have registered and want to receive money - now what?
Simply, provide the payer with your email address and he can send you payments via
M-Paying. Anytime someone sends you money using M-Paying, the funds will be instantly credited to your account balance. You can request that someone send you money by going to the 'Request Money' tab and follow the instructions.

What does the Discount Code number mean?
The valid discount code number entry during transaction enable to reduce the transaction charges from 2% to 1.5%

Are there transaction limits?
Depending on your user status, there may be a transaction limit set on sending money. You may check the limit currently available to you at any time:

How long does it take to send money?
Payments are made instantly but if the recipient is not yet a M-Paying member he will be notified to first sign in at to receive the payment.

Can I send money to someone who is not a M-Paying member?
Yes, the recipient does not need to be a member at the time of sending the money but he needs to register at M-Paying in order to collect the money sent to his email address.

Can I cancel a payment that I made?
If the transfer is still pending, you can cancel it at any time:
If the transfer is completed, M-Paying cannot reverse the payment anymore. We recommend you contact the recipient directly and make arrangements for him to return the money to you.

What happens to payments that are not collected by the recipient?
It is our policy to cancel all transactions which remain unclaimed for more than 30 days and return the funds to the sender.

What does it cost to send money?
Our regular fee is 2% per Transfer. Additional fees may apply depending on your account status.

What exchange rates do you apply if I send money in another currency or to an account in another currency?
For transactions involving currency conversion M-Paying adds 0.99% to our foreign currency. This charge serves as a protection against the risk associated with FX markets. The M-Paying exchange rates are updated on a regular basis throughout the day.

How does the schedule payment function work?
This service gives you maximum convenience if you regularly send payments to the same beneficiary with fixed monthly payment dates and amounts.

Can I terminate a recurring payment?
Yes. At any time.

What happens when I 'request money' from someone?
Our request money tool is a smart way to bill people online (e.g. to collect money as an auction seller or remind a friend of money he owes you). When you send a money request, the recipient receives an email or SMS Alert informing him of your request for payment. After clicking on the link included in the email, the recipient can log in to his
M-Paying account or sign up for a new account, and then pay you with his account balance. You have no power over the other party's account balance - without the other party's explicit approval your money request will not be executed. There are no fees associated with sending a Money Request.

Can I request money from someone who is not a M-paying member?
Yes. Just enter the counterparties email address or GSM Number and the amount you are requesting and we will do the rest.

What does it cost to receive a payment?
Receive Money: FREE
Request Money: N5/ SMS Alert

I received money but I do not have a M-Paying account yet. How do I claim the money?
Here is how to claim your money:
Step 1: Register with the email address the payment was sent to. The payment you received will be automatically reflected in your account balance as soon as the account has been opened.

Step 2: You can either withdraw the money to your bank account or keep it in your
M-Paying account to send payments.

Register your email now to claim your payment

How do I withdraw funds from my account?
Follow this simple procedure:
Login to your main account
Click withdraw by left side
Select method of how you want to withdraw: Bank, ATM or paypal
Indicate Amount
send, you then receive SMS Alert and email confirmation of the transaction

What does it cost to withdraw money?
Withdraw money via bank transfer: N100 flat fee
Withdraw money via ATM N100 flat fee
Withdraw money via Agent N100 flat fee
withdraw money via Paypal 5% other charges excluded

When can I request ATM CARD?
ATMCARD can only be sent to members upon confirmation and verification of the customer detail. and there is charge of N1000 for the card.

If I got ATMCARD- how can I use it?
You can use the ATMCARD at any ATM location with interswitch logo nationwide. The pin number will be e-mail or SMS to the customer. After receive the pin, you are advice to change the pin number before your first transaction. and not to compromise your pin number with any person. Also at any time, M-paying will not request for customer pin number and if suspect any fraud, call 08038928708,07092366719

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