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Fraudulent activities and consequences
1- M-paying welcome the majority of our customers who want to use our service for legitimate transactions, however If you conduct any fraudulent activity on our website or in relation to our web site, or in any way related to our business, including but not limited to using prepaid cards, or any of our services to perpetrate any unauthorized activities on the internet, we will definitely prosecute you to the full extent of the law.

2- If you are working for a network marketing company like Clickbank, Commission Junction etc and need to make your earnings payable to us for further crediting to your M-Paying account, please send us a line of email authorizing us to do so. Send email to : with the name of the company and when you plan to start your network marketing program with them. 
Secure your earnings, it takes 2 minutes to notify us. 

3- Any payment card obtained from us must not be used for illegitimate purposes.

4- please note that we are liable to process your information for verification your account

5- Do not use our company address in any transaction other than your complete virtual address including your box number for lawful purposes.

6- Do not use our company name in any of your transactions online, unless authorized in writing

7- If you direct any item purchased fraudulently online to your virtual address with us, we will prosecute you.

If you fail to abide by the rules above, we will delete your account without notice, prosecute you and confiscate any balance you may have in your
M-Paying account.

Please note that we have employed sophisticated software to detect fraudulent activities and we work with the law enforcement agencies to prevent fraudulent activities on the internet.

To all M-Paying customers who are using our services to improve their daily lives, we welcome you all.

Don't be a victim of fraud

  • Do not communicate your M-Paying security details to anyone.

  • Be vigilant when using M-Paying on shared computers, e.g. in Internet Cafes. Do not save any of your security details in your browser, this may allow others to access your accounts.

  • Never respond to emails requesting security or other confidential information. M-Paying does not send emails to customers requesting such information. Do not follow links to websites claiming to be M-Paying.

  • Do not provide your full memorable word, you will not be asked for this at any time.

  • Online Security - be extra vigilant:  If you have noticed any significant changes when logging onto M-Paying including delays logging on, any unexpected errors reported on your screen or denial of access, please contact M-Paying using the contact us pages. or Call 08186793172
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