Have a double advantage - accept M-Paying and at the same time earn money by referring users to M-Paying via your referral link. We pay you 15% of the fee income that we earn from new customers referred by you - deposit and withdrawal fees are excluded but "send money" fees and fees charge on shopping at other shops count. All you have to do to turn your traffic into cash: just put a special referral ID behind the payment buttons or M-Paying links that you have on your website.

Millions of businesses make money using M-Paying buttons. Here are a few reasons why:

No Credit Application, No Monthly Fees

Easy Setup—Choose Your Button

You can set up your button in about 10 minutes with no advanced programming skills.

You can choose any of the button below that suit your selling programme:

Sell Single Items Sell Multiple Items
Sell Subscriptions Accept Donations

NO charge back risk for merchants - just via M-Payment

Per a merchant's request we do offer a business model with full fraud and chargeback protection. In that case we do not pass on the charge backs to the merchants but absorb them ourselves. We reserve however the right to withdraw this policy for any particular merchant who we determine is not exercising due diligence or is operating in a way which results in a higher than the normal exposure. If you are interested to benefit from this business model please contact us.

How we make this possible:
  • M-paying offers high payment security, and reduces risk with measures such as credit scoring and payment limits.
  • Registration information is verified using proprietary and third-party databases. Conflicting information results in an unsuccessful registration. We also monitor account activity for signs of unusual activity that might point to fraud.
  • New M-paying users are subject to lower transaction limits until their account has been successfully authenticated. Once a customer is successfully authenticated, they are given full payment privileges up to the standard transaction limits.
  • We work with law-enforcement agencies to protect against fraudulent activity through the M-Paying payment system


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