Domain Registrations starting at $9.98*  

M-Paying can also be funded via quickteller Money Transfer using any bank ATMCARD

  1. Login to

  2. You are required to login before you can continue.

  3. Register if you are new member on the platform

  4. Then, Enter the following detail:

    Email your email address
    Mobile phone number: your GSM number
    *Wallet Account No (234XXXXX): 2348038928708
    Amount xxxxxxx (Put your amount)

  5. After confirmation of your payment, your account will be credited with funded amount.

    [Important Notice, Please Read]

    Register for SAFETOKEN (One Time Password) only on quickteller website to be able to perform transactions that require for OTP above a certain amount limit. It would be sent via SMS to your registered phone number.

    Please login to

    Click SMS OTP to register your OTP


    Don't be a victim of fraud

    • Do not communicate your M-Paying security details or your ATM detail to anyone.

    • Be vigilant when using M-Paying on shared computers, e.g. in Internet Cafes. Do not save any of your security details in your browser, this may allow others to access your accounts.

    • Never respond to emails requesting security or other confidential information. M-Paying does not send emails or SMS text message to customers requesting such information. Do not follow links to websites claiming to be M-Paying.

    • Do not provide your full memorable word, you will not be asked for this at any time.

    • Online Security - be extra vigilant:  If you have noticed any significant changes when logging onto M-Paying including delays logging on, any unexpected errors reported on your screen or denial of access, please contact M-Paying using the contact us pages. or Call 08186793172

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