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M-Paying is interested in establishing a mutually benfiting patnership with interested members of the public who are business creative, entrepreneur and ready to start service centre nationwides as member partners.

Presently, there are over eigthty million GSM numbers actively in use in nigeria and about 22 million operate bank account with 10,000 bank location nationwide for over 150 million nigerian. And that goes to show that about 86% of Nigerians do not have bank account. But there about 86 million GSM subscribers; that is, 66 million Nigerians need to be transferring cash and spending money. In this case, this is not a business one shuold ignore as it represents the huge amount of money that can be made from this GSM business.

One great thing about this great business and being M-Paying service agent is that our customers are given two type of services for one, once a customer register under our platform, it’s operate both online payment and GSM mobile payment. And also the agent earns commission from the both side of services. Also the agent will be given a DISCOUNT CODE for online payment and any customer make use of the agent discount code will have discount on the transaction and the agent will also earn 25% from the commission derived from the customer transaction. Also the agent detail will be posted on our website that will generate traffic for the agent which our company will advertise on punch and guardian newspaper as well as facebook and google website every week.

The profit benefit in this service is vast and not fixed, depending on your persuation creative. You can make between 5% to 10% from funding customer account, cash withdraw, sales of phone airtime and internet subscription fees. and these can fetch the agent over N150,000 monthly income

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